Colloquium Schedule

Schedule and locations of events:

1. Friday, February 10, 2:00pm
The State and Everyday Life
Stanley Aronowitz, CUNY Graduate Center
Neil Brenner, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Institute for Public Knowledge
20 Cooper Square, 5th Floor
New York NY 10003

2. Tuesday, March 6, 5:00pm
Historicizing Space
Manu Goswami, NYU Department of History
Kristin Ross, NYU Department of Comparative Literature

Department of Social & Cultural Analysis
20 Cooper Square, 4th Floor
New York NY 10003
(same directions as above, minus one floor)

3. Monday, April 9, 5:00pm
Hegemony and Resistance
Stefan Kipfer, York University Faculty of Environmental Studies
René Francisco Poitevin, NYU Gallatin School

Institute for Public Knowledge

4. Wednesday, April 25, 5:00pm
The Built Environment
Łukasz Stanek, Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, National Gallery
Alejandro Velasco, NYU Gallatin School

Institute for Public Knowledge

All events are free and open to the public. ID required at lobby sign-in desk.

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